Who We Are

maryclaretThe Claretian Missionaries is a Missionary Congregation founded by St Anthony Mary Claret on the 16th of July 1849. We are also called Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since our foundation, the Claretian Missionaries have spread to almost all the continents of the world and are working in over sixty countries in the globe. Our devotion to Mary, Our Service of the Word and the Communitarian character of our lifestyle are all part of the charismatic heritage that defines our existence.

The Congregation is structured and governed through Organisms (Major and Minor).The independent Delegation of West Nigeria as a Major Organism in the Congregation was created from the then Province of Nigeria and inaugurated on the 24th of October 2007. This Website introduces you to the life and mission of Claretians of the Delegation of West Nigeria.