Jan 19 – Second Monday in Ordinary Time, Year 1

Hebrews 5:1-10; Mark 2:18-22

God does not relate to us through alien means. He comes to us through known ways. Today the first reading holds that God communicates to us through His priests. He chooses his priests from among the people. Their duty is to be intermediaries between God and humanity. Despite their weaknesses he chose them to offer sacrifices to Him for themselves and the rest of the human family. In like manner, the Son, made in the weakness of the human body, offered the ultimate sacrifice of himself for our redemption. He, the High Priest, became the sacrificial lamb. All Christians are called to live the life of priests. We are all called to offer sacrifices for ourselves and for others. We are called to be that link through which God communicates to humanity and humanity to God. How much have we been able to sacrifice? Can we sacrifice our food, clothing, time, skills, wisdom, etc, to better the human family? Inordinate passion for religion, politics, race, etc is plunging the world into darkness. We need to stand up and represent God when dealing with such issues. Many represent themselves and their inordinate desires. As Christian priests, let us stand for God and what he desires for us.

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