Sept 10 – Wednesday

1 Corinthians 7:25-31; Luke 6:20-26

St. Paul was very conscious of the shortness of the human life and the urgent need to spread the Gospel before life runs out. Thus he exhorted the faithful of the Corinthian Church to make good use of their time to seek for the Lord earnestly in their different states of life. Many a times we feel so relaxed in the spread of the Gospel because we believe that we have ample time to do it. If we check the history of the spread of the Christian faith we will find out that it has not reached some places, some homes, some hearts, yet it is over two thousand years old. We appreciate the efforts of our ancestors in the faith who made sure that it reached us. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to do. A lot of people need Jesus now more than ever. What are we doing to spread the faith? Remember that time waits for nobody and our life on earth is short. No matter your status, no matter your joy, your pain, your wealth, your poverty, there is always an opportunity to spread the gospel. Play your part before your time runs out.

God bless us.



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